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Our rabbits

For many years have we had rabbits. In Germany did we have Blue Wiener and Silver Rex that we took to exhibitions.

Now in Sweden we first bought some Tan rabbits because they are so beautiful. The lady who sold them made us take also two big "Franskvadur".  But then we found the "Gotland rabbit".


 In 2014 we bought our neighbors house with a large garden of 1560qm and a second little two story storage house on it. Everything was in shambles and we restaurated it all by ourselves, but that is an other story, I might put some pictures of it on another page.       Anyhow, in that small house are now our rabbits and chickens. We have the Blaue Wiener again as well as New Zealand Red. The breeders are imported from Germany and we got some stainless steel cages for them. 

Our "rabbitstuga" with 12 compartments 



A bunch of Tan rabbits








Their daddy "Billy"







A bunch of "Franskvadur" rabbits















One day the Gottland girl stopped eating and two days later Jürg found seven babies all scattered around. She was probabely just as surprised as we were and did not have a nest ready for them. They were very cold, and two of them were dead. No, one seemed to move a leg. So Jürg brought it inside and with heartmassage and a hairdryer did we manage to bring it back to life!! Joshua helped me and we are so happy to have saved this little one. And look what a beautiful one it is now....

Here with its mother and brothers and sisters....