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 Our chicken     

 We live in a small village right on the outskirts with a very large garden. We have planted 12 fruittrees, 9 different kinds of berries, and converted the top of our "jordkällar" (earthcellar) to our herb-garden. But a good part of the garden is taken by our chicken.


Our first chicken (or better eggs) we got in 2009 were big Brahmas. Not very efficient. 

Jürg being a chef cook by profession always new about the Bresse chicken, the king of all chicken. We got our hands on some Bresse eggs and put them in our incubator. The chicks grew very fast, and with 4 months old we got our first eggs, and the roosters had 4kg with 6 months. But unfortunately we did not have a good enough winterroom for them, so we sold all the chicken in the fall.

Then in 2010 we wanted Bresse again, but this time the black version. 

These were our black Bresse - Now in 2011 we sold the whole group to a farmer with much land and a huge chickenhouse. We're sure Jens and his girls will enjoy that.


*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Well, we still have some room left, so we had decided to get som  Dwarf Orpington gold laced and Dwarf Appenzeller Spitzhauben as well.  A swiss/swedish familly talked us into selling them all of the dwarf orpingtons. (At least someone still talks swiss with them!)

Our Dvarf "Appenzeller Spitzhauben" really were special ones, when they are little they look like little "Punkers". Now that they are grown it looks as though they all are dressed up for "Ascot" with the biggest and pompous hats possible. But they were really wonderfull, about the size of a pigeon. It is an old breed, but the dvarf version has only been officialised in 2003 in NL. 


Gelb and Blau Sperber

Jürg wanted to have chicken that are good for meat as well as eggproduction and he found the Niederrheinische Gelb Sperber and Blau Sperber. Very beautiful chicken and now in 2017 we have a group of each. The rooster will grow very fast to about 4,5kg and the hens lay over 200 eggs per year!