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Now in Sweden


Our almost privat lake "Närvetten" 10 Min. from home.

Now we live here in Småland, in the midst of woods and lakes -  a dream.

Our family grew with a male pinscher "Champ" (also from Switzerland) 

                      Dina                                            Champ     

 Jürg has loved to go fishing all his live. As a child he caught trouts with his hands, growing up he tried it with dynamite, but in general he used fishingequipment!!   Now in this fisherman's paradise Sweden, with so many beautiful lakes around us, we have enjoyed fishing very much. So opening a webshop selling fishing articles was not far off. We  got the best braided line from Germany and super lures from Canada. If you're interested check it out:  .

Here some pictures of my fishermen:




I had some wonderful flowers in my garden last year and took some pictures of them - here to enjoy -

And the first blooms are here in 2010 (eventhough it has been a cold and rainy spring)

Now summer is here with beautiful sunshine and a lot of heat (we even took out the airconditioning from Spain because it got insuportable hot). But the flowers and other plants enjoy it (with me watering them!).

But besides butterflies and bees do we also have other visitors to our garden, the other evening around 10:30pm, still light outside, I saw a fox pass right in front of my window. I called the children, the fox stood still looking at us for a while and then just walked on! Two days later he came earlier and stoler one of the little chicks.
Other visitors we had where in and on the compost (where we also grow tomatoes and cucumbers). We put som "kalk" (chark) around the compost and have not seen them since. We just hope that they did not lay eggs in there and in a short time we'll have an invasion.



They are snoks and not poisonous, but we would prefer if they would choose the woods for their home and not our compost.

In 2014 did we buy our neighbors house. The garden was in total neglect, part of the housewall was falling down due to waterdamage and on the roof was a small tree growing. - A huge project which we did over 5 months all by ourselves!

In 2017 died our last Pinscher Champ, but we have 3 other champions now. 3 Malinois (Begium Shepherd) Benz, Gracie and Sky. They have their own homepage - - it is in swedish but you can look at the pictures :)